After our sensational 2015's kick-off in Copenhagen, we now ended up in Jutland like back then the Olsen Gang. Denis McLaughlin from Shamrock, whom we met in 2011 during the Irish Summer Folkfestival tour, had invited us.

The Erin Circle Gang in Jutland Munkskov, where fox and hare say Good Night to each-other In Denis' and Julita's kitchen

The particular thing about our Danish adventure was that Anne Brandes from Inisheer joined and supported us. After industrious rehearsals in January and February, we headed northwards on 27 February 2015.

Irish Night at Tangsø Centret Bækmarksbro First dance interlude... ... with Erin Circle

Denis and Julita very warmly welcomed us in their comfy house in Munkskov miles away from anywhere, where we stayed overnight.

Supported by Anne Brandes We need: 106 balloons, one spent match, two spokes... Shamrock with Pia, Svend Erik and Denis

But soon after our arrival we made for Bækmarksbro, where an Irish Night at Tangsø Centret was in the making.

Tangsø Centret Anne's Waltz Three Reels

After a delicious buffet supper for the guests, Shamrock and Erin Circle alternated with Irish music and dance. The three leaves of the shamrock on this night were Denis, Svend Erik Larsen and Pia Nygaard.

Stolen Feet Back to the roots New a capella encore

It was a great night with great spirit among the audience. The Tangsø Centret team extremely spoiled us. Frank didn't find Yvonne, but the chocolate cake and the vegetarian chicken sandwiches as provisions for the road made up for it.

Part 2 of this report on our Denish adventure

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