Already for the 5th time, AIDS-Hilfe Lausitz e.V. organised the show "Wir für dich, fürs Leben" (We for you, for life) on 15 November 2014 at Cottbus shopping-mall Blechen-Carré.

Cottbus Kindermusical Miss Cherry Moonlight Jeanine Busse and Torsten Karow

In order to raise awareness of the issue HIV / AIDS among passing shoppers, artists from Cottbus, Spree-Neiße district, Berlin and Dresden ascended the stage.

"And they are back again!" "The dancing shoes!" "And in the shoes are people...  "

The show was hosted once more by Miss Cherry Moonlight, a big dame with a big heart and the right words on her red lips canvassing for a better world without social exclusion.

"... people who commit themselves." "Welcome!" "Erin Circle - Irish Dancing

Further contributors were: Träumer und Menschen, Cottbus Kindermusical, Jeanine Busse, Jasmin Zschörneck, Die Musikerin, Erin Circle, Vivien, Pole Dance Cottbus, Jazz Dance Club Cottbus 99 e.V., Dance for Fans Club, Nicole Yazolino and The Hot Stoves.

Jazz Dance Club Cottbus Spectators on all levels Pole Dance Cottbus

For Erin Circle it was the third time (after 2010 and 2013).

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