This site is dedicated to all our musical friends in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

First meeting at Katie Gallagher's Pub, Easter 2009 Ballywaltrim Community Centre Antoin MacRoibín

In spring 2009 we (Jörg, Constantin and Conny) met Antoin MacRoibín on the occasion of a session at Katie Gallagher's Pub. Tony plays the box (button accordion) and teaches a session class at Ballywaltrim Community Centre Bray (BCC).

Our first visit at BCC Peter, Marcella, Jack, Jim and Micheál Jim with a Hohner accordion made in Germany

This community centre is very similar to our Socio-Cultural Centre. Many groups meet there to pursue their manifold hobbies. The session group "Seoidín" (Little Jewel) is meeting every Wednesday night in order to play and preserve traditional Irish music. The night before our return home, Tony invited us to join in the session class at BCC.

Pat, Peter, Sylvester, J.P. from Dänemark, Breandán Phyllis and Antoin Antoin, head of the session class Breandán, Phyllis, Don, Marion, Micheál, Antoin, Gerry, Liz and Tony Moore

With our whistles, flute and spoons we shared in the jolly music-playing, and even a few dances had been done. Between the tunes, ginger cookies and tea were served. In the gym on the ground floor, an Irish dance group was just rehearsing, and Tony introduced us.

Peter is checking Marcella's multi-tasking skills Sitting: Noeleen, Marcella. Standing: Phyllis, Ray, Peter and Jack Reunion 2011

Since then we have stayed in lively e-mail contact with Tony. We exchanged on all kinds of stuff: Irish and German folk music, cooking recipes, history, living in divided countries and much more.

"Seoidín" at Powerscourt Arms Country House 2010 Session at Hibernia Hotel 2010 Session in Monkstown 2011

This summer (2011) we met Tony and our musical friends of BCC session class for the third time already. We were welcomed like old friends and of course they invited us to play music together.

We send our warmest greetings to our musical friends in Bray. Your friendship is a big honour to us. We hope we will meet again one day!

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