The name of the lately opened theatre "Bunte Bühne" means not for nothing "coloured stage". Themed "Irish Dance meets Line Dance", on 2 December 2011 two popular dance styles came across each other. And after a closer examination they appeared to have common roots.

The Wild Dancing Boots from Lübben The Hot Ladies! from Lübbenau Wild dancing boots and hot ladies during the big Line Dance finale

During the first part of the programme the "Wild Dancing Boots" from Lübben as well as the seniors' ensemble "Hot Ladies" from Lübbenau presented American Line Dance choreographies to a variety of music styles such as country and western music or the latest hits. We were delighted to hear some Irish classics too, such as "The Irish Rover" or "Dicey Riley". After all there were not a few Irish among the Wild West settlers, who crossed the pond because of the Famine with nothing than their culture in their luggage.

Rebecca's break-through Question-and-answer game between Nico and Jörg Merry-go-round on the Coloured Stage Ring-a-ring-a-roses

The pleasurable Line Dance animation performed together with the audience revealed the close relations of both dance styles.

Treble Jix Reloaded Two queens and a king Let's kick it off

After the break it was Erin Circle's turn. We presented the different variations of Irish Dancing: Céilí, softshoe and hardshoe dances. The Erin Circle Folk Band played a couple of tunes along with a slide show created by Matthias Greupner presenting our Ireland holiday pictures.

One-legged... ... and multi-armed beings from the Otherworld Rebecca's cowboy rides on

The host was actor Nico Bobrzik. As Shawn Keogh in the play "The Playboy of the Western World" he bought a one-way ticket to America. Tonight he built bridges between Ireland and the Wild West and invited the audience to a stroll across.

Old Mahon in a posh suit Erin Circle Folk Band Go West! But which direction is West?

For Rebecca it was the first gig with Erin Circle. And for Frank it was No. 75!

Treble Jix Reloaded II We go round in circles Nico sacrifices his life for Bunte Bühne

Wild Dancing Boots and Erin Circle

Pictures: Lisa Sperling, Erin Circle, Wild Dancing Boots

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