Since 2003 Colin Dunne, international renown choreographer and dancer (Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground…) has been giving his Masterclasses all over the world. From 6 to 7 February 2016 he returned to Berlin for the first time in seven years, on invitation by Nicole Ohnesorge and Gyula Glaser.

Up to Advanced Primary Course

We couldn't miss this event. Full of expectation we arrived at Dock 11 Dance Studios on Kastanienallee, together with many other dancers from near and far.

Improvisation Course

We attended the softshoe as well as the hardshoe class. We had much fun and learned a lot. Biggest challenge was the improvisation class on Sunday.

Erin Circle and Colin Dunne Josefine and Colin The Happy Irish Dance Family with the master

During a pub visit on Saturday night we got the chance for a nice chat with the master.

Gyula and Nicole with Colin Dunne With Colin in the pub "Ausspanne" Karin and Conny

Pictures 1, 2, 4 and 6: Gyula Glaser
Link to the 2008 workshop

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