On 23 October 2010, for the 6th time already, "Haus des Gastes" Falkenberg / Elster, entices all fans of the Emerald Isle to an Irish Folk Night. And for the 2nd time Erin Circle provided for entertainment in terms of Irish dancing.

With "Fiddles and Trumpets" back in Falkenberg Midnight Court and Jimmy Dee Constantin flies over the tables

This year we were to take turns with the band Midnight Court – a very special honour to us, since we have always been big fans of their soulful songs and sweeping jigs and reels. They brought Scottish bagpiper and drummer Jimmy Dee.

The fairies still love to dance their reel A capella We shuffle Falkenberg

DJ Schmiddi and his crew provided for the technical and suitable culinary environment.

Swing Look, I could stand like this for hours... ...and I can leap over my "Firebolt"! The boys from Midnight Court have their "Ear to the ground"

Our friend Tony from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, had sent us the fitting music for our dance animation "Shoe the donkey" just on time. The audience appeared to be in the mood for dancing and filled the floor also after our animation.

Misty "Basket" Jimmy Dee calls for the battle 50 years old and 50 gigs... It's hard to shoe the donkey

Not to forget: Frank had not only his 50th birthday but also his 50th gig with Erin Circle.

Midnight Court, Erin Circle and DJ Schmiddi

5th Falkenberg Irish Folk Nacht 2009

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