To lure Saturday-morning shoppers into Fürstenwalde town centre, Fürstenwalder Kulturverein e.V. puts – for the first time in 2014 and every other week – culture onto the marketplace.

Fürstenwalde comes to the market The Irish are coming! No need for umbrellas here

On 9 August 2014 the 7th Fürstenwalde Morning Shopping was enhanced the Irish way. Erin Circle taking turns with Crapshooters, Irish dance and good-humoured folk music between flower and vegetable stalls on the local market square was an irresistible marketing instrument.

Thomas Strauch and Milan Augustiani: The Crapshooters Paparazzi always and everywhere Stamp back treble hop back two three

Younger and older spectators gathered over two hours long in front of the town hall in order to feel the wind of the Emerald Isle. A white-haired granny let herself be carried away by the jiggedy-jig and her feet tentatively tried a couple of jaunty tap steps on the cobbles.

In every town is a local hero Young as well as mature fruits are watching Crapshooters on the market square

So this morning, beside pepping up the Fürstenwalde town life, Erin Circle opened up an all new target audience: Irish folk and dance seems to be good for all ages. And you don't even have to travel to Ireland to get it.

Moviestars Peter get's it rolling Conny exhibits St. Patrick

Peter Apitz from Fürstenwalder Kulturverein e.V. and musician with Celtic Affair pulled the organisational strings and made sure that we lacked nothing.

The elves go shopping Folk for the market folks Got to dance!

Many thanks to him and his fellow club members for providing a stage and sound equipment for our performance.

We can bring it on the floor... ... never danced like this before Erin Circle conquers a market

And special thanks to Stefan Retzlaff for his wonderful pictures (No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18)!

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