On 6 May 2016 we danced on a big double birthday party at rural inn "Zur kleinen Puppenstube" in Gallinchen.

Fine and Katrin showing our 2-Hand Reel Burglars on the run - our new "Jailhouse Jigs" Tight escape

Our new dancer Katrin performed with us for the very first time.

Most wanted! The sleuth The innocence in the flesh

And another first: our new dance "Jailhouse Jigs" had premiere. It tells a little story. Two burglars are been hunted by the police. They are dancing away right under the detective's nose. At the end they slip away with the booty, while the poor wretch is scolded by his boss.

And there she is pilfering again! "My name is Nobody" "So hold for the applause"

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