On the southern slopes of Teutoburg Forest, in Westphalia, the town of Lengerich is located.

Gempt Hall Measuring the stage The nave is well filled an illuminated

The 100 years old forge hall of former Gempt factory, where once wire ropes had been made, is today a beautiful location for cultural events.

Bernd, Susanne, Brid and Robbie Fine, Jörg and Conny "Go West!"

For the 10th time now, town marketing society Offensive Lengerich e.V. organised an Irish Folk Night on 4 March 2017, featuring Robbie Doyle Band and Erin Circle.

Guido and Adina The Chief Inspector offers a reward But who is going into the jail?

This night, the trio (Robbie Doyle, Brid Ni Chathain and Bernd Lüdtke) was supported by flute player Susanne Kamp from Essen.

"Bake, bake a cake" Oncoming traffic at the crossroads The watergate is open

For Jörg, it was his 150th gig with Erin Circle.

Paris – Peitz – Lengerich On Adina's chocolaty order... ... we let it rumble

Many thanks to the Gempt Hall team for the great cooperation (stage, coffee, cookies, pizza and the works). Further thanks to Tabea and Bernd Lüdtke for their technical support (lighting, sound and short wire). And special thanks to our influenzally affected dancers for giving a great performance in our 8th federal country now already.

The Robbie Doyle Band plays on Molly Malone wheels her wheelbarrow through Lengerich's fair city Big finale with all artists

Newspaper article in Westfälische Nachrichten from 6 March 2017

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