Our third performance at European Celtic Music Festival under the conveyor bridge F60 on 15 June 2013 (after 2011 and 2012) was to be an even more exciting highlight for us than the festival would have been anyway.

Celtic music fans from near and far under the conveyor bridge F60 The first dance block with Erin Circle Conny and Constantin leaping to Antrim

After months of rehearsals with our dance instructor Gyula Glaser, we were to show a dance programme together with Irish Beats Dance Company from Berlin. For Constantin it should become a double act since he is a member of both companies.

Jörg performing a solo at the crossroads We are dancing in circles instead of keeping in line The sweetest temptation?

Beoga from Ireland and Manran from Scotland provided the wonderful music for this festival night. And Henk Hulzinga, the Frisian from Finsterwalde, took care of gluing everything nicely together.

A pain in the back? Dance and have craic! It's raining dogs and cats? Take your hats! Wanna take a piece of cake?

We till the stage Triskel Umbrellas, begone!

The illuminated conveyor bridge rose into the summer night sky, guarding a perfect event which no admirer of Celtic music and Irish spirit should have missed.

Beoga from Antrim Nicole and Ganna dance it by the ear Constantin and Gyula improvising to Beoga's music

Eventually the jolly audience couldn't be kept on their benches anymore. They took the forestage to dance frolicsomely and there was more than one spontaneous Irish and other dance piece performed by true aficionados.

Irish Beats Dance Company from Berlin... ... together with Erin Circle during the second dance block Ganna and Michael

Nicole Ohnesorge and Constantin Our joint A Capella Step Gyula Glaser - our dance teacher

We would like to thank the Irish Beats Dance Company for this joint show, especially Gyula for his efforts and patience and humour during our rehearsals.

Irish Beats Dance Company and Erin Circle

Also many thanks to André Speri and his F60 team for the usual great organisation and assistance beforehand as well as on site.

The third dance block belongs to the Irish Beats Dance Company Erin Circle group picture in front of Manran Manran closes the night

Pictures: No. 19 by Birgit Kammer, No. 24 by Loretta Dietz, No. 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12 by Ganna Boitsova and No. 4, 6, 13, 14, 15, 20, 22 by Hartmut Helms.

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