Every year in Lausitz coal field, just on the brink of a former open-cast mine, in front of the emblematic coulisse of a disused conveyor bridge, the European Celtic Music Festival is on.

Erin Circle in front of the conveyor bridge Gyula and Nicole The festival area is filling

Through unshakable commitment on the part of the organiser, André Speri and his F60 Concept GmbH, this feast of folk has grown to a true cultural beacon, which lures not only Lausitz people from behind their fireplaces but also folk fans from beyond regional borders.

Nobody's Reel The reel is real A Capella with IBDC

This year one could once more enjoy a line-up of real folk goodies and not even the weather provided an excuse: participation was an obligation for every friend of Celtic rhythms!

Connemara Stone Company with Henk Irish Beats Dance Company Constantin, Gyula and Timo

The Friday (5 June 2015) offered finest Irish music by The Connemara Stone Company from Ruhr area and The Rapparees from Belfast, as well as Irish dance by the Irish Beats Dance Company from Berlin, supported by Erin Circle from Cottbus. During our joint dance block we for the very first time performed our new "Nobody's Reel", choreographed by Gyula Glaser.

Henk with kilt The Rapparees Spontaneous Two-Hand

On Saturday (6 June 2015), there were Folk's Sake from Berlin playing, as well as Dahlia's Lane from Hesse and In Search of a Rose from North Rhine-Westphalia. Erin Circle provided the dance entertainment.

Folk's Sake with Julius and Karl Polka with Josefine No, it won't be raining

With spirited pub songs and his natural gift of the gab, Henk Hulzinga, the Frisian troubadour from Finsterwalde heated up the audience and took care of the Irish vibes among them.

Family programme Rhythm row with Constantin Dahlia's Lane

Erin Circle participated for the fourth time (after 2011, 2012 and 2013) and enjoyed it from beginning to end (a late end with a session on the moonlighted balcony of the overman's parlour…).

"I don't want to be a cleaning lady" Ballinamore with special guest Round is the circle

We would like to express our special thanks to: André and your team for your friendliness and great care; Henk for your grand programme announcements; Gyula, Nicole, Ann and Timo for dancing together with us; the technicians for your labouring in the background for a smooth flow; Josefine for your first performance with Erin Circle; and last but not least to all folk fans and musicians for many nice chats and exchanges on the fringe of the festival.

If you think, you are knackered - forget about it In Search of a Rose The crowd is going wild

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