On 29 and 30 July 2011 the exhibition mine F60 at Lichterfeld invited to the 5th European Celtic Music Festival.

Conveyor bridge F60 rises into a grey sky André Speri, the organiser, doesn't let it rain on his parade The festival area under the "Lying Eiffel Tower"

Top bands of the Celtic music scene played in front of the monumental conveyor bridge scenery: On Friday Midnight Court (Ireland, Germany), In Search Of A Rose (Germany), The Wakes (Scottland) and on Saturday Nobody Knows (Germany), Cara (Germany, Ireland) and The Rapparees (Ireland). Erin Circle came in Midnight Court's tow. The band had invited us to dance to their and our music.

Those who love Irish music doesn't mind Irish weather Saskia and Franzi warming up... Midnight Court plays on...

Unfortunately, the weather didn't acclimatise a whit to this for us so huge and exciting event. According to our anticipation it should have become nothing less than a hot summer night. Instead of that: it was lashing, bucketing down...

Entry Erin Circle Midnight Court featuring Erin Circle The Wakes

Our compliments to all hard-boiled guests armed with umbrellas who despite of wet from above and from below enjoyed the presented programme, and thus paid tribute to this great festival.

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