Already for the 10th time, the Irish heart beat in Odenwald mountain range, more precisely in Nieder-Liebersbach, where on 5 and 6 August 2016 Hans-Peter Mitsch together with family and friends put up a top-notch Irish folk festival.

Nächstenbacher Street in front of Café Mitsch becomes a festival site Let it roll, Erin Circle Showtime for the Shannon Dancers

Erin Circle took part for the second time after 2012. Sent off from Cottbus with an early-morning thunderstorm, we were welcomed in Nieder-Liebersbach by brilliant sunshine. We were the guests from furthest afar ("from the far East of Ireland, even further East than Dublin").

T-shirts for the 10th anniversary Brothers & Others Erin Circle mops the stage

Other acts were the Shannon Dancers, Greengrass and Brothers & Others on Friday as well as Fleadh, Waiting for Frank, Celtic Friends and again both dancing troupes on Saturday.

Constantin dances the Downfall of Paris Heidrun, Michael and Erich from Greengrass Green festival spirits

Michael Böhler from Greengrass and Celtic Friends was host of the festival (the quote above is his). The programme was ceremoniously framed by bagpiper Frank Müller from Odenwald Pipes and Drums.

The museum of local history "Wewerhaisl" Wolfgang Fath and his MP3-accordion Constantin with World War I piked helmet

For the finales on both nights, Shannon Dancers and Erin Circle performed a dance together that had been spontaneously created only hours before thanks to the universal language of Irish Dance.

View to Nieder-Liebersbach Second festival night Waiting for Waiting for Frank

Finally Hans-Peter Mitsch thanked all with heart-warming words and gifts and announced the closing-down of his café and the opening of an Irish pub instead.

By and for Greengrass: The Jailhouse Jigs Céilí & Co. Waiting for Celtic Fleadh & Others

We are giving our sincere thanks to:
• Hans-Peter and Lilly Mitsch for the invitation, for meat and drink and all his commitment to the Irish culture,
• Michael Böhler as well as Edith and Markus Fath for giving us more than just a bed for lodgings,
• the Shannon Dancers for getting-on so well together,
• Armin Steigler from Waiting for Frank for sound-engineering our show,
• Wolfgang Fath for showing us his fascinating heritage collection on the local history of Nieder-Liebersbach,
• Harout Makdis Mouso for pictures,
• Erich Fading from Greengrass and Mr Böhler Senior for filming
• and all participating artists, assistants and festival guests for the awesome atmosphere.

Keep the circle spinning Erin Circle and Shannon Dancers There's a hole in my bagpipe

Newspaper articles in Odenwälder Zeitung from 06 August 2016 and 08 August 2016 and in Odenwälder Echo from 09 August 2016.

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