Invited by the Greengrass musicians, that we met last year, we traveled on 27 July 2012 to Hessian Nieder-Liebersbach. Here we lived to see the world's smallest but finest Irish Folk Festival!

Here you get more than coffee and cake After our long journey we could do with a coffee Heidrun, Michael and Erich from Greengrass

Organiser Hans-Peter Mitsch had transferred the Nächstenbacher Street in front of his coffee bar into festival territory – with the aid of numerous supportive family members and friends.

From the very far East of Germany Constantin is supporting us not only dancing In the Odenwald mountains it goes uphill and downhill also on stages Auntie Sweepy, our new broom

And here the Celtic spirit came loose two nights long. On Friday with Greengrass, Erin Circle and Loudest Whisper and on Saturday with Odenwald Pipes and Drums, Celtic Friends, Erin Circle and Loudest Whisper. The audience was in greatest humour, not only because the rain spared the festival in perfect timing.

Relaxed festival mood Loudest Whisper from Ireland

On Saturday, Heidrun and Erich from Greengrass showed us the town of Heidelberg, together with Brian, Paud and Paul from Loudest Whisper.

Paud and Heidrun managed the ascent Paud, Brian and Paul enjoy their view to Heidelberg and Neckar river Two Irishmen and a Local Hero

After a nocturnal session under the marquee (into the wee hours of the morning), punctual appearance at the Mitsch family breakfast table was an affair of honour (as well as of tough negotiations).

Celtic Friends Festival territory Nächstenbacher Street Hans-Peter Mitsch, the host

We want to give our sincere thanks and warmest greetings to:
• the Greengrassers for promoting our invitation and for the great time we had with you,
• the Mitsch family for inviting us, for your kind hospitality, the rich and delicious food and for organising such a festival wonder
• and Armin from Sonique-Centrale for the technical support.

The Odenwald Pipes and Drums Sunset with bagpipes Michael presents Erin Circle

Warm greetings to the Loudest Whisperers! And to the festival guests we got to talk with.

And off the polka goes Look, there is Maggy Rebecca makes a musical attempt to bridge our shoe changing

We enjoyed being in Nieder-Liebersbach.

Hat exchange The Erin Circle driver is tapdancing too Bridging

Newspaper article in Odenwäder Zeitung from 30 July 2012

Newspaper article in Odenwälder Echo from 30 July 2012

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