Rüdersdorf near Berlin is famous for its shell limestone originating from Triassic over 240 Million years ago and extracted for more than 800 years. In 1956, the concert hall "Martin Andersen Nexö" has been opened in order to provide some cultural edification for the people working in the plant, which was then the GDR's most important producer of building materials.

Concert hall in Rüdersdorf Martin Andersen Nexö, the namesake St. Patrick's Day spirit

On 18 March 2017 this magnificent building – affectionately called "Acropolis" by the locals – was the place to celebrate the Irish St. Patrick's Day.

Bernd Opening with Erin Circle and Nobody's Reel Trophy hunt

Rüdersdorfer Kultur GmbH organised a five-hours Irish dance and folk marathon taking place in the 485 square meters large main hall.

Intro to Hardwater Jig And the Final Reel in the middle Humours of Bandon

The programme was featured by Celtic Affair, N&N Dance Team, the String Tales and Jigs & Reels Irish Dance Academy Berlin. Erin Circle kicked off the show and performed two dance blocks on the huge theatre stage.

Roundabout at the crossroads Second round for Celtic Affair Take the floor!

Many thanks to Ruby Sowa for organising the event. More thanks to Tobias Neumeister from Ghostnote Sound event management for the technical assistance.

Posing trees Manhunt Hey

Seeing Celtic Affair again (including the entourage) was a pleasure to us as it always is. And all the nice encounters with other artists of the night should not go unmentioned here.

The famous Gladunski Hornpipe Dry step Three Reels at the end

It was Conny's 150th gig with Erin Circle.

Magic Lord of the Riverforce by N&N Dance Team String Tales The Jigs & Reels close the night

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