For their this year's summer theatre, our dear friends from SachsenDreyer fell back on an Irish play.

John Millington Synge's "Playboy of the Western World" leads you into a remote pub in County Mayo. The protagonists are a barmaid, a would-be murderer, an assumed dead man, a true widow and some local farmers… so to say Irish guys like you and me…

Polka in Michael Flaherty's pub Oh my Papa... he was a true stinker That's the playboy on the winkered mule

In such a remote region a stranger and nobody can become a mysterious hero. And a true murder passes for a heroic deed. Until the dead man suddenly comes along bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…

It's a long story; you'd be destroyed listening Happy end? Dance, dance, wherever you may be

Irish humour meets SachsenDreyer's playfulness and musicality. And wherever there are Irish people, music and dance won't be far away (the last one being our part).

A film on YouTube gives a short impression about the rehearsals!

Old engine shed, Güterbahnhofstraße in Lübbenau, Germany

Phone: +49 3542 2000
Phone: +49 3542 3668
Phone: +49 3542 487748

15 Jul 2011 7.30 pm premiere
17 Jul 2011 7.30 pm
18 Jul 2011 7.30 pm
07 Aug 2011 4 pm and 7.30 pm
21 Aug 2011 7.30 pm
22 Aug 2011 7.30 pm
23 Aug 2011 7.30 pm

Review in Lausitzer Rundschau from 19 July 2011

Premiere wishes of the "village girls"

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