"Good morning, Cottbus!" – this is the wake-up call by which Turmverein Cottbus e.V. invites every Saturday morning onto the place Am Stadtbrunnen in order to synergistically connect the weekend errands routine with art and culture. On 10 September 2016 this by now very popular event took place for the 49th time already. After such acts as Blasorchester Cottbus e.V., Lausitz Oldstyle Company or Träumer und Menschen, this time Irish Dance with Erin Circle was on the programme.

Good morning, Ronny! The place "Am Stadtbrunnen" Saturday 10.30 am MC Katrin

An hour before, Constantin and Conny were allowed to give an interview at 94.5 Radio Cottbus in order to attract a few more undecided sleepyheads. However, not a few hard-boiled fans of "Good morning, Cottbus!" occupied the benches placed between Hugendubel bookshop and Jimmy's Diner early enough.

Polka beats to start with "Outside the gate's a fountain" An emerald isle in the middle of the town

Our hour-long colourful programme included Céilís, softshoe and hardshoe dances. Katrin was our charming host who chatted away about Irish Dancing thus bridging short breathers or shoe changings if not dancing herself. Josefine animated the audience with an entertaining exercise testing their sense of rhythm.

By the left, quick march! Kommissar, don't turn around! The hat goes around

Our warmest thanks go to:
• Benjamin Andriske and Ronny Schröter and Turmverein Cottbus e.V. team for their dedication, great organisation, initiative and the very idea,
• All sponsors who support "Guten Morgen, Cottbus!", contributing to the provision of our perfect dance platform that made our step noises audible,
• 94.5 Radio Cottbus, especially Sarah Fuchs from "Der neue Morgen am Samstag" for interviewing us.

Rhythm animation with Josefine There was an Irish dancer hidden in more than one Cottbus of all people Posing like bodybuilders

More thanks to:
• René Reifenberger for his wonderful pictures (it was really hard to make a choice for this website),
• Hugendubel bookshop for providing a dressing room,
• All spectators and onlookers who expressed their favour by giving applause, kind words and something into the hat
• and St. Peter who seems to have granted a fair-weather-subscription to "Guten Morgen, Cottbus!" – almost overdoing it a bit considering our already sudatory hobby.

"A little man stands in the forest on one toe" Ben and Ronny, the two initiators We round off our show

With a luscious lunch at the Greek restaurant and a scoop of ice cream we rounded off this performance – as well as the summer dance season. It was also a goodbye party for Katrin, who unfortunately will leave us at the end of September in order to study in the North of Germany.

Lifted-off girls Spree River Dance Goodbye, Cottbus!

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