During the 25th Cottbus City Festival, Erin Circle performed on 19 June 2016 on Altmarkt stage.

Blue skies smiling on Cottbus City Festival Green light for Erin Circle Kick-off with "Humours of Bandon"

We presented our dance programme – partly under a pseudonym or rather anonymously – to unintentionally passing-by visitors as well as to an intentionally turning-up professional audience. The latter had incognito mingled under the former.

Katrin, Conny and Jörg... ... turn an X into a Y Two cops...

But not a few new and true fans of us watched our show too.

... hunting a thief We are turning wheels Katrin, Guido and Adina spinning around

Altogether – including the weather – it was a great gig. We enjoyed especially the big stage.

Conny and Jörg on the bridge... ... over the "Hard Water" Irish dance fresh blood...

Thanks to StageWork Cottbus for the great support! And to Viola for shooting!

... besieges the stage The players entering for the group final Toe stand

Former City Festival gigs: 2013, 2014

After X/Y now a W Later on this very stage: "Glasperlenspiel" We swinged the thing

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