808 historically eventful years after its first documentary evidence, Castle Storkow draw numerous lovers of Irish culture into its raw walls.

Castle Storkow Bernd Lüdtke, Brid Ni Chathain and Robbie Doyle Kickoff with silver sparks

In 2009 newly opened and very interestingly restored, the main building of Brandenburg's oldest castle complex was the scene for Robbie Doyle's "Irish Songdance" programme. Erin Circle contributed the dancing part.

Guido and Adina and their new Final Reel Wanted: Conny & Fine Hide-and-seek with the greased detective

While preparing for our show on the gallery above the concert hall, we admired more than 200 items belonging to the special exhibition "Drauf geschissen..." ("Give a shit on it...") about the history of the loo, among which also the catering had been provided.

Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka Crossroad Dance reloaded Let's roll at the crossroads

The Irish virus spread quickly among the audience. Our new "Gladunski Horpipe" received its premiere.

Affair of state in Irish national colours After the watergate through the bridge The last three Reels

The night before, Gyula Glaser had kindly supervised our rehearsal with an professional eye and many helpful suggestions (including relevant information asked for by the police).

Two Hand... ... and Three Hand in new T-Shirts Robbie Doyle Band and Erin Circle

Many thanks to host Steffie Lemcke for all her support.

The night was short, since our Robbie Doyle adventure was to be continued tomorrow.

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