Under the patronage of the Embassy of Ireland in Berlin and organised by Gaby Tiedt-Müller and Robbie Doyle, the 2011 Irish Summer Folkfestival took place from 16 to 19 June and headed cross-country through the East of Germany. Beside bands like Shamrock, Greengrass and Kitchen Band as well as musicians such as Robbie Doyle and Bernd Lüdtke, Erin Circle trailed along as the "dance act" of the event. We had hardworkingly rehearsed and looked forward excitedly to our first tour.

Our sky-blue tour bus Stralsund on the horizon Carefully taking the marble floor

Our kickoff venue was the cultural church St. Jakobi at the world heritage town of Stralsund. The church is more than 700 years old and had been used ecclesiastically for the last time after World War II; later it has served as an archive and as a storage for art works and building materials, since 1994 as a project for cultural work.

The instruments were laid out, but before they would be played on... ...there was fresh fruit for everybody Soundcheck of the Kitchen Band

On 16 June 2011 a fresh Irish wind blew between the high walls. Tonight our new hornpipe "Dublin 4 p.m." had its premiere. It suited perfectly to the rainy weather, which delighted the audience after a wet admission.

Birthday boy Robbie Doyle surrounded by Kieran McLaughlin, Noel Minogue and Bernd Lüdtke Dublin 4 p.m. - our new all-weather hornpipe Stucco-snowing step staccato

Robbie Doyle, who celebrated his birthday today, presented the programme. Before the big final session he was honoured by a merry serenade sung by all tour members.

The guesthouse "Harbour view" aroused our curiosity... ...for a morning harbour view Our crew in front of the notorious "Gorch Fock"

Newspaper article in Ostsee-Zeitung from 18 June 2011

17 June 2011 2nd Irish Summer Folkfestival at Halle/Saale
18 June 2011 9th Irish Summer Folkfestival at Berlin-Spandau
19 June 2011 1st Irish Summer Folkfestival at Thyrow

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