For the 23rd Vetschau City Festival on 2 August 2014, the palace grounds were to be aflame ("Schlosspark in Flammen"). Heavy thundershowers in the early evening hours couldn't scare away the Vetschau people, who had come from near and far in order to await an Irish-coined programme blazing in torchlight.

Vetschau Palace Clover from Berlin Erin Circle from Cottbus

Clover Folk Rock Band from Berlin fiddled the rain clouds away with cheerful music and humorous wisecracks. They built a bridge to the audience that sat and hoped for musical instead of meteorological sprinkling.

Dance the night away Say no more... ... get on the floor

For Erin Circle's first dance block a bright Irish mood had already replaced the Irish weather.

The guests defy the humidity Kalle from Clover entertains the audience Clover fiddles the rain clouds away

After another sweeping Clover interlude, Braxas A set the park literally on fire with a breathtaking fire show.

Braxas A... ... play with fire Vetschau people from near and far

The party went on with Clover until after midnight. A bunch of choreomaniacs dared to enter the laid-out floor planks in order to indulge in Irish rhythms. In-between Erin Circle got a second opportunity to show their art of dancing on the big wooden stage.

Erin Circle Part Two "Väterchen Falk" plays our music Mareen turning skirts and heads

A gig together with Clover had been on our Christmas list for ages. Thank you so much, folks, for your technical support and especially for such a relaxed and easy togetherness.

Weather Girls Dance until the floor boards get loose Palace grounds aflame

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