Weidenburg at Burg / Spreewald is one of our favourite locations for performing. It was already for the seventh time on 18 June 2016 that Erin Circle performed their dances at the annual midsummer party.

Weidenburg in the evening sun The Celtic Cousins "The Humours of Bandon" to live music played by Máire and Matthias

The Celtic Cousins were to play their music this year, featuring Riverdance fiddler Máire Breatnach from Ireland and German godfahter of folk Matthias Kießling. Beautiful songs and ballads as well as lively Irish dance tunes were ringing under the willow dome's leaf tendrils.

Oberon and Titania at their Midsummer's Night dance Adina, Guido and Katrin dancing the Three Hand Reel "X/Y Dance"

For us it was special fun to perform a previously rehearsed dance now to the live music of the duo.

On the run with a money case The police close on  her heels "Hard Water Jig"

Erin Circle came up with some news: For the very first time Adina and Guido danced with us on stage. Moreover we presented several premiers: the Céilí "Humours of Bandon", the "X/Y Dance" choreographed by Gyula Glaser especially for Erin Circle, a Three Hand Reel, the "Hard Water Jig" as well as our new "Final Reel".

Nobody is missing and no one is noticing it Mittsommernachtszauber in der Weidenburg Final Reel

Luckily the presaged thunderstorm forwent Weidenburg. A full moon hung at the sky. And again there was this matchless Weidenburg Midsummer Night's magic, when Shakespeare's fairy court, the spirits of Spreewald and all Irish leprechauns seemed to watch from behind the willows.

Put your hands in the air! After our performance... ... we listened to our "colleagues", the Celtic Cousins

Thanks to all contributors to this magic!

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