"Erin" is the Celtic name for Ireland.

A "Circle" is a round figure.

The form of a circle symbolises wholeness, balance and perfection. In a circle each point is equidistant from the centre. There is no beginning and no ending, no sub- and no superordination.

But "Circle" stands also for a group of persons whose interests circle around a shared passion.

Our circle's shared passion is Ireland with its culture, music and especially its dances.

Many of the traditional Irish figure dances are been danced in a circle – softshoe and hardshoe choreographies set in with a "Lead around".

Erin Circle Stone Circle, Loughcrew Group, County Meath Feet circle

The mystical stone circles to be found in a multitude on the Emerald Island are sometimes referred as "Dance of the Stones". Although often implicated in rites of the Celts, most of them originated long time before the Celtic settlement.

Perhaps they of all things inspired the Celts to ritual dance patterns, and provided the source of Irish Dancing, which has been passed on to our days, from traditional style to "Riverdance".

And here the circle around our name closes. Everything about Erin Circle centres around "Ireland" and "Dancing".

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